World Marriage Day

About World Marriage Day

World Marriage Day, occurring each year on the second Sunday of February, honors the lifelong commitment of husband and wife. World Marriage Day events provide the visible sign of support couples need to continue to make the daily decision to love one another. Pope St. John Paul II, in 1993, gave World Marriage Day his Apostolic Blessing.

For over 30 years, married and engaged couples have come together in Southeast Michigan to recognize World Marriage Day with an evening of fellowship, enrichment, dinner and dancing. To contact the team involved with organizing this event, please email Fran & Rich at:

COVID19 Announcement For 2021

We will not be formally gathering this year due to health and restriction concerns. We still believe in our mission of enriching marriages, so we have come up with a few different date ideas to help feed your marriage. Enjoy, and we hope to see you in person on February 13, 2022 :)

Date Option 1

Cooking Together (with video instructions)



Fr. Leo is a very dynamic speaker who will take you through the joys of creating meals together. He has books such as Spice Up Married Life and Grace before Meals. More information and tips can be found on his website at:

Date Option 2

Movie Night

Set the scene different than normally watching TV. Examples may include: setting up a projector outside, lighting candles, creating a spread of snacks, setting up extra pillows and blankets, create movie themed snacks/drinks, choose the movie ahead of time, watch the previews, have your kids set it up, etc. Be romantic, be creative, and enjoy the setup :)

Movies suggested by the committee are: Miracle on 34th Street, You've Got Mail, Home for the Holidays, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Beyond the Mask, and Hitch. Obviously you are not limited by this selection. The world is your oyster ;)

Date Option 3

Deep Conversation

Three conversation starters:

  1. What are the "greatest hits" of your marriage?

  2. As 2021 begins, what aspect of your marriage would you like to enhance to nourish your relationship?

  3. When do you experience God's love through your spouse?

Date Option 4

Spoiling Your Spouse for a Month

Spend a month surprising your spouse with random surprises.

Starting check list:

  • Favorite beverage

  • Create a playlist that fits your journey together

  • Prepare their preferred movie snack

  • Surprise your spouse with takeout

  • Buy or create a unique item that encompasses your relationship (could be from a previous date or past plans of a future vacation)

  • Do an additional chore your spouse would appreciate

  • Write your spouse a love letter

  • Set aside time to pray with your spouse (If you already do, allow for more prayer time in a new way. If this activity has fallen away from your relationship, work on building praying together into a daily activity)

Date Option 5

Create Your Own

Don't let us put limits on your date options. Feel free to create an entire evening of magic and wonder your spouse will truly appreciate. Going hiking, paint your spare bedroom, play your favorite board game, move the furniture and dance together, recreate your first date, invite couples over for game night, look through your wedding album, etc.

Book Recommendations

If you're looking for books that can help enrich your marriage, here are a few picks from the committee.

  • Intimate Graces by Teresa Tomeo.

  • Couple Prayer by Bob & Kathy Ovies

  • Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage by Dan & Amber Dematte

  • The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love by Richard Carlson, Ph D. and Kristine Carlson

  • Marriage, Small Steps, Big Rewards by Dr. Ray Guarandi

  • Thinking Like Jesus by Dr. Ray Guarandi


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